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Zhangjiagang Futai Purifying Equipment Co., Ltd.

——Product Introduction

Zhangjiagang Futai Purification Equipment company is in the ''Golden waterway'' south of the Yangtze River downstream of Zhangjiagang City, is nationally renowned for its urban civilization, the new port city, a beautiful environment and convenient transportation.

Company is adhering to the ''first quality'' for the purpose to provide a satisfactory service, the continuous improvement of the pursuit of development. Dust purification equipment and facilities to meet the market demand, the introduction of foreign filter material, technology and sophisticated equipment and production of gas and dust precipitator, dust recovery, made various imported filters in China.

Zhangjiagang Futai Company production of a wide range of air filters and purification equipment and dust collection development,design,production,marketing,for the integrated installation of high-tech enterprises. The production of air purification equipment, the dust collectors and bag filters made by Futai company widely are used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, iron and steel, spraying, electronics, food, pharmacy, automobiles, shipbuilding and other industries.

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